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When 5 Minutes Fills A Lifetime


Don’t make me feel worse

as I just feel so poor already.

My limbs are weak and my mind,

mush…You can stay a while sure

but like the day you’ll go again,

sinking with the sun. Feeling forlorn?

And again my God! Frightened

to see the end? And frightened to begin?

Well that makes two of us lately til

tomorrow comes much quicker when

yesterday’s a passing feeling.

What have you doom and gloom?

Haven’t you been listening? Go away

I’m tired. Besides I’ve got a 7am call

and I plan on being paid overtime.

Yet you’re so tempting my dear

misery in waiting, and you’re knocking like

a hopeful neighbor.

Effortless is your kiss, it’s aim

a mother’s prayer before bed.

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