the drink and the man

It’s not the drink

that kills the man

it’s the man

that kills the man

like an unbiased observer

the drink is just company

waiting for the man

to either come to his senses

or drink a little more.



yours to keep.

There’s hope out there in the sunshine

and there’s hope in here in the darkness

I’m sure of it, you know

it’s kind of like early in the morning

when fog hangs around mountaintops

there’s a peak up there

you can’t see it but it’s there

so you climb farther and

farther than you ever imagined

now close your eyes and breathe

and in the darkness of the mind

breathe in all your worries

all the war that is inside

then breathe out and feel

one moments relief

that there is yours

that there is hope

that there is always yours to keep.

What are you going to do?

I never really know what to do

I just get up and wing it

I’ve been winging it since

I was a little kid, when

I’d tie my hair in knots, pull it out and

I’d tuck it in the couch where no one could see

I wasn’t fooling anybody but

I’ve gotten here so

I think I’ll go a little longer while

I sit here pulling at my beard

I count one hair, two hair, three, no more.


Sit with yourself a while.

Sit with yourself a long, long while.

Sit until it hurts to sit any longer.

And it’s there you’ll find

who, what, where, when, and why

you are who you are.

It’s there too

you’ll find who you aren’t.

nothing and everything

There is nothing

and everything

to fear. Anyone

who tells you

different is a liar.

Oh how the world

is a terrifying place

when you’ve already

walked through the fire.

Some people

In life

you’ll learn

that some people

don’t want to be bothered.

So don’t bother them. And watch,

as they’ll come back around

knocking at your door

ready and willing

to bother you.

obsessive compulsive culture

These are

obsessive compulsive times

in an even more

obsessive compulsive culture

so it’s no wonder

this obsessive compulsive content

isn’t anything more than

a like, swipe, and vine away

from disappearing.

stand with love.

If you stand for a cause,

stand with it.

Don’t claim it as your own.

Be present.

Be aware.

But most of all

be selfless in the eyes of hate.

And when you stand,

stand with love.