Life’s worthwhile

Every single day

She reminds me

Life’s worthwhile

The other side

All that I want now

is to see what’s just beyond

the other side

of that golden mountain range,

because I’m done with alleyways

and there’s nothing left behind.

Bosom of her love

He fell hopeful as the rain

in the bosom of her love,

while she gazed at the clouds

which seemed to shiver.

Key West Florida

A walk in the park

What looked like yesterday

out a kitchen window I saw

tomorrow and everyday

moving forward

as carefree as

a walk in the park.

Key West Florida, 2020

The off-days

It’s not the job that does a man in

but the off-days,

when he’s got the time

but still can’t find the reason.


Did you know that feeling weird

suggests something supernatural or uncanny

and that feeling this way,

unsettled and mysterious to even yourself

is an extraordinary occasion for

growth and development?

Well it is, and for that, I applaud you

on this ability of estrangement

we so often take for granted, though I

take as a blessing, because you are a blessing.


Where there is enlightenment,

there can be no such thing as a mistake,

but growth, and growth only.


Like a child sent to his room

I’m stuck staring, blindly

thinking about what I’ve done.

Because I’m still healing, I mean

it’s really no excuse except to acknowledge how

I’m just like everyone…