Happy New Year

So it’s your last day, aye!

Then you’re off the hook,

sayonara! ur revoir!

c’est la vie!

365 days of poetry

is no minor feat, especially

the third time around, Geez—

to say your daily musing will be missed

would be an understatement, I admit

I’m guilty of my daily dose, except—

Char, you’ve got moxie.

(“and that’s what I appreciates most about you”)

So when the clock strikes twelve

full of champagne cheer, Hark!

Hear, Hear! That firework’s for you

and a happy, Happy New Year!

Christmas Lights

It struck me as odd

walking through

the neighborhood quiet

how Christmas lights

after Christmas

go back to being

just lights, and how


a New Year’s resolution is

except to the one who’s boxing away

last years tangled dreams

in an effort to make room for another

string of lights.

mountain of me

The mountain was funny that way

how you could spend

all day thinking

of all those little steps you’d lost,

how right before calling it quits

you’d remember

all those little steps you’d gained,

smiling at the peak—

perhaps the hardest climb

won’t be a mountain at all, but

will be this mountain of me.

a traveler’s thought

just when it seems to get a little easier

I see an old, old man hardly able to walk

who cannot understand the restroom sign

whose daughter struggles to explain

and whose wife knows less than he—

watching this I realize how very easy I have it

and how very able I should be.

just when it seems to get a little easier

I sit here aimless as an empty hand

begging for tomorrow, just to forget today—

but I’ve seen enough to know

my drama’s just a traveler’s thought

wasted (but not wasted) at the airport

love lost by the sea

I had nowhere to go

yet everywhere to be

and I could see absolutely nothing,

nothing but her vibrance

shrouded by a golden stream of light

that I penciled by the sea—

where there was but one absolute,

that one of us kept their promise.

There was one absolute

I claimed but couldn’t believe.