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Driving In LA

in LA

Are the women who drive

with dogs on their lap

Who at stop signs make

no attempt to stop

Cutting me off are these women

with Versace glasses to block the sun

Haunting amounts of eyeliner

blush, and lipstick the color of

raw meat

These are the same women who at home

have too many pairs of shoes

and never enough

And the fluffy little designer poodle

primped and propped high

on the lap of their would be master,

if these women weren’t blowing their

alimony checks on Princess’s groomer

They’re either on their phone at red lights

Cutting me off in the wrong lane

Or cutting me off at four way stops

Princess with her beady little eyes

And her dirty little asshole

Sitting like a queen


the biggest assholes in LA

And she’s smiling at me

Cause even she knows

the irony

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