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To Catch The Light

I don’t know what I’m doing anymore

Now no one is the same as before

I’ve tried sometimes, to catch the light

But I don’t really know you anymore

And I don’t really like what I’ve seen

Reality’s distorted in a dream

I’d say goodbye, but that ain’t right

I guess I’ll have to relearn how to be

Normal’s out the question in this town

People lay like garbage on the ground

I start to cry, then stumble by

So drunk I don’t even make a sound

It’s taken me a decade to agree

I write in figure eights this poetry

It helps sometimes, to dim the light

Like reaching towards just one thing to believe

But let us not go gentle to the night

Or hang ourselves like portraits full of spite

Each day’s a chance, life’s a romance

Each time we try like hell to catch the light

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