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The business men in business suits!

Business men

in business suits

pass on by

their busy route

They criss and cross

jump high and juke

other business men

in business suits

With cups of Joe

briefcase they carry

and hurry not

to miss the ferry

Across the harbor

to and fro

the business men

must surely go

To wheel and deal

contracts that steal

business men

of all their zeal

So if and when

you pass a suit

try not to block

their busy route

They’ll huff and puff

and grunt and scowl

walking fast

through you like fowl

For if they stop

they’d surely die

in business suits

and business tie

So watch yourself

next time you walk

and mark my words

in business talk

Do let them pass

or make them late

your time shall come

to seal their fate

Choose what you will

whichever suits

the business men

in business suits!

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