A Park Bench Semester

I used to skip class in the city

and sit with homeless in the park.

I just didn’t understand and

it gave me anxiety headaches

trying to relate to my peers.

The men there didn’t say much,

they just mulled over my presence

and respected my silent hour.

I got an A that semester.

My instructor even praised my final—

some interview I rushed, and

it was there I found

How silly it all was.

And how little I’d have to try—

It’s like I didn’t have to be there at all

and it would all keep moving.

It would all be weightless

and either way in debt

To my semester

In the park

Words I Can’t Engage

Baby I’m not bad news I’m

just full of empty space

If you’re the rope then I’m the noose

you’ll tie then say my grace

Would you agree I came too soon

like mornings sunken face

When hopes and dreams were plentiful

since then I’ve been replaced—

By what our mothers told us not

to worry, we were young

For what our fathers griped about

at home when they were done

It wasn’t them but us who felt

their pains of growing old

Now adults we’re much younger than

their hands which we still hold—

Cause baby you’re the good news I’ve

been keeping from myself

It’s for the best, regardless yet

I’ll wish then wish you well

And if by chance there’s room enough

to hang around a while

It’s there they’ll say it’s quite a shame

what an awful, gentle smile

David and Goliath: Unconquerable Giants

I’m not big enough to change

What’s written in the stars

Said David to Goliath

He did it from afar

It’s stones that I have plenty

Just not the kind that thrill

I’ve excavated many

Just looking for a kill

There’s no use in complaining

We pantomime by choice

I’d scream if I was faking

Like using someone’s voice

Now I’ve a chance to change

What’s burned this hollow heart

To see Goliath fall

Must David too depart?

Consider The Source: Frankly Of Course

Is that makeup put on for yourself?

Do you wear it for somebody else?

Cause you’re painted white as a ghost

It’s not a question that I have to know

But it’s alright—baby don’t lie

Is that cashmere from someone you know?

Do you feel like the skin of a goat?

Fed up nowhere when you’re home alone

Answers seem easy now that I’m on my own

Baby it’s alright—nobodies alright

Did you at first build this life for yourself?

Or did you build it for somebody else?

When it feels like you’re out of control

Counting sheep only leads to a hole

Life’s little lessons—you’re left second guessing

You could ask me the same for myself

Is this my head or is it somebody else?

Double standards got me doing the most

Flipping coins like the truth is a joke

Our dearest confessions—I dare you confess them

You see the turnstile spins frankly of course

Do me a favor babe consider the source

Speaking questions like I’ve figured them out

Leaving me speechless left with nobodies help

Our tickets aren’t even—my went bad last season

As If We Existed

It wasn’t ever fun

Even when it lasted

There was always hidden

A motive and agenda

Something I couldn’t figure from afar—

I needed microscopic certainty

That I’d have to disappear

In order to remember—

For them to forget—

That either of us had ever existed

Courage, enough.

I haven’t the words

Nor strength to stand

Any more

Of this illusion

Sealed in spit

And sketched by hand

Our world is done

What courage has man?

Our Love Never Wasn’t

I haven’t seen you in a long time, to be frank I’m enjoying the silence.

I can’t commit to the truth it lies, cause it feels kind of like we are dying.

If I made you blue, I never wanted to.

It’s just love and our love never wasn’t.

There’s disappointment in her eyes, as he speaks she echos with silence.

Neither one is good at goodbyes still they always seem to be trying.

I will remember you, if you remember too.

It’s just love and our love never wasn’t, it’s just love and our love never wasn’t.

There’s a melody, in a harmony.

It’s just love and our love never wasn’t.

He sang to her a lullaby, she did all she could to stop crying.

They fell asleep in the moonlight, just two heartstrings played on violin.

Some day you’ll see, in a memory.

It’s just love and our love never wasn’t.

Flipping Birds

The only places to go now

Are those best traveled alone

Where a fork in the road need

Neither argument nor discussion

And where judgements pass

With tumbleweeds and dust that

Dissolve like cars with the horizon

Thumbing South of nowhere

And flipping birds, eh

I’ll be just fine.

From the corner…

I can see you laughing from

the corner of your smile

And it’s not the kind of laughter that

means hang around a while

And it’s not the kind of laughter that

says let me lend a hand

It’s the kind of smile that

tells you to drop dead—

I can see you laughing from

the corner of your eye

And it’s not the kind of laughter

that is taken by surprise

And it’s not the kind of laughter

that breaks before it bends

It’s the kind of sideways glare

that kills you from within

Cause I can see you laughing

and I hope it serves you well

In corners we’re all suffering

but I’m not laughing now

What feels right is wrong

Do they make you feel less?

Overwhelmed and unimpressed

like being anywhere else would have

you feeling overdressed?

We always know the problem

but never how to solve them.

We offer salutations which

just form another problem—

When you’re left feeling more

like love’s less than a chore,

the answer’s in the subtlety

as subtle as before—

We always play along

like life’s a lonely song.

You’re singing to a choir if

what feels right is wrong.