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The turtle and the dove

“You’re pretty,” said the turtle

to the dove. “Thanks,” said the dove

to the turtle, “but I’m nothing

compared to the peacock.”

“Well, I’ve known many a peacock and

I think you’re much more beautiful.”

“Still I’d rather be a peacock,” said the dove

to the turtle. And I’d rather be a dove,

thought the turtle

as he watched the dove take wing.

4 thoughts on “The turtle and the dove

      • I can’t comment on how “flowery” your poetry is, because I am rubbish at poetry – My background is science & engineering, but now I work as a Patent Attorney and I always like to try and ‘tell a story’ when describing my client’s inventions. I think it helps “bring them to life” and to my small group of new inventors, I know how long and hard they have to work on their inventions and to them they are ‘their babies’.

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