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Fools Gold & My Humble Abode

I haven’t felt estranged in a long time

It’s a path that I’ve been denying

Cry yourself to sleep in the moonlight

Rock-a-bye but babe you’re not dying

It’s an empty sea—full of misery,

Still it keeps you afloat while you’re drowning.

I wake asleep in the sunshine

Full of clouded ideas unwinding

Fall back to sleep in the daylight

Then it’s nightmares before I start trying

There’s a crowd to see—full of history,

They’re the ones who no longer will buy in.

And their chattering—causes you to bleed,

From the blue lines you keep on supplying.

It’s one way to go—it’s the life you know,

And it’s become as boring as breathing.

I haven’t wanted to stay here

It’s a place that I left for a reason

Through your tears I can see clear

And what’s left is simply this feeling

I could lie to you—tell you I’m a fool,

But I’m sorry has lost all its meaning.

It’ll be ok—in another day,

When you see me again I’ll be different.

I’m the fools gold you tried to believe in,

I bite down just so I start believing.

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