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Consider The Source: Frankly Of Course

Is that makeup put on for yourself?

Do you wear it for somebody else?

Cause you’re painted white as a ghost

It’s not a question that I have to know

But it’s alright—baby don’t lie

Is that cashmere from someone you know?

Do you feel like the skin of a goat?

Fed up nowhere when you’re home alone

Answers seem easy now that I’m on my own

Baby it’s alright—nobodies alright

Did you at first build this life for yourself?

Or did you build it for somebody else?

When it feels like you’re out of control

Counting sheep only leads to a hole

Life’s little lessons—you’re left second guessing

You could ask me the same for myself

Is this my head or is it somebody else?

Double standards got me doing the most

Flipping coins like the truth is a joke

Our dearest confessions—I dare you confess them

You see the turnstile spins frankly of course

Do me a favor babe consider the source

Speaking questions like I’ve figured them out

Leaving me speechless left with nobodies help

Our tickets aren’t even—my went bad last season

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