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A Handful Of Change

You call me collect, just to use

A handful of change

It’s ok I guess, it’s just I’m

Hung up with nothing to say

Except that I’m happy

You’re having a beautiful day

I don’t regret much, you were right

When you said I’d have no one to blame—

You accept this call, I accept

The charges in which to exclaim

In keeping my distance, I’m not

Trying to push you away

It’s just that I’m not, feeling so hot

And I’d rather you not feel this way

How was my trip, I forgot

But still I’ll tell you it was okay—

I call it roulette, when you rush in

To nickel and dime

It’s one thing to bet, getting old

It’s a waste of our time

When you look upset, I swear

It should be a capitol crime

I cheated the house, to collect

The change you took that was mine

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