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Everything’s Remembered: Nothing’s Ever Cured

You told me to work on myself

If I could I’d be somebody else

Somebody whose actions,

aren’t forms of distraction—

You make it easy to believe

My head’s a wasteland for stupidity

When someone else is the problem,

we spend our life trying to solve them—

I was a sucker and amiable host

It felt like trying to rescue a ghost

All these words for no reason,

just disappear without meaning—

It’s just something you keep for yourself

When it feels like there’s nobody else

Whispering through the silence,

a recipe full of violence—

But the one thing I learned to believe

Is that nothing’s quiet as it seems

The beating drum in the distance,

now I feel it in my chest—

So when you feel almost alone

It’s not a life sentence just pick up the phone

There’s a recording in my head,

it says our time here’s not pointless—

If it feels like talking to yourself

Then you’re probably talking to yourself

Sometimes to answer life’s questions,

the answer’s in your reflection…

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