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2 thoughts on “Intelligence

  1. Yes! So powerful!✨✨✨✨✨

    I read a lot when I was younger just for pleasure.But, even though I read really well, I had a reading comprehension problem. So as a teen I stopped reading a lot unless it was something I had to read. I know that sounds really sad. But it was just because I didn’t have the confidence. My mother used to beat me senseless when I would do English homework. We would read a couple of chapters of something and I would forget most of the things that I read.(one reason why I was terrible at history topics)

    Fast forward to now, I’m letting that bomb explode and digging into the wonders of those beautifully bound stories on my bookshelf since I no longer struggle. 🙏🏾💖🙏🏾💖

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    • That’s beautiful Milly, I can relate to that as a kid—all I wanted to do was look at the illustrations on book-covers—hardly able to comprehend more than a few pages. I found my knack for reading when I started living alone, not necessarily to fill time but to listen to others voices without any background noise! Anyway, keep exploding!


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