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Scott’s message.

It really hit home

when Scott looked into my

diverted eyes, already out the door

and told me he knew I had

my ups and downs, that it would be o.k.

and what a joy it was to have me around,

though I could tell he knew I’d lost faith

and let me go without it getting weird,

holding my breath till the ignition caught

then wailing to the heavens refusal

I felt her worried words in my worried head—

who would you be without all this pain?

I think you’re beautiful, but

are you too afraid to find out?—

and answering her honestly

I whispered,

yes, to no avail,

just the car behind me

laying on the horn

telling me to run—

Scott’s message from my airport layover

let me know I’d be o.k.

What he said was for my ears,

nothing special, but

I keep it like a talisman.

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