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body and mind

The perfect body

will never build

the perfect mind

as there is no

perfect mind, there

is no perfect body

but only our minds

lonesome perception

of what perfection

should look like

that no body can ever

really have in mind.

4 thoughts on “body and mind

  1. Beautifully articulated…its so true, particularly when people rate there happiness while comparing their life, body and beauty with others as portrayed on a fake world “the social media..”

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    • Oh it’s all too real isn’t it. We all struggle with the balance of body and mind, at least I know I do. And your right, from birth it’s drilled into us ain’t it, “wear this wear that, too fat too skinny,” plus all the Photoshop, it’s no wonder what we see in the mirror doesn’t reflect what’s actually looking back. Anyway, there are some perks to social platforms like this and your comments. Thank you and be well. Keep up!

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