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In the presence of family, be only with family.

In the presence of family,

be only with family.

Put aside the work and worry.

It’ll be there when you part.

And enjoy one another

as if each member of your family

were a dish at the dinner table.

Fill yourself with their essence.

Allow them like nutrients

to replenish your mind, body, and soul

so that when you leave one another

you’ll do so knowing

their presence is with you

for better or worse, forever and onward—

second star to the right and straight on till morning.

Family Gathering, 2012

4 thoughts on “In the presence of family, be only with family.

  1. You have a very big family! The sentiment is lovely, but I am an only child and my partner just has one sister. Both our parents are still alive, but our grandparents are dead and we have very few cousins largely living abroad. It would be lovely for us all to be able to get together, but I fear that is going to be a long time before it becomes reality.

    PS. It’s a lovely photograph.

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    • Hey Debra, I hear you. This was a picture from years ago, one of the last times “most” of my family was able to make it—hard to believe eh. We’re Italian, so…But more so, I think it’s important to recognize that there are many types of families, not just those we share our names with, but also friends near and far. I had to hold myself back from tagging everyone I know in this post since, for the most part, whoever I allow into my life, has and does feel like their own sort of tiny family. Hope you’re able to get together with yours and until then enjoy the comfort of friends and loved ones closest to you. Best.

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  2. Hi David,
    I love your poem🥰
    Family are people you keep close to your heart. I come from a large family as I am Italian too. Since COVID 19 get togethers have become scarce. However we try to get smaller groups together. My sister has terminal breast cancer & her birthday is Oct. 17th. Yes we are planning an having a family/friends birthday party on her birthday. She will be 59. It will be her last birthday 😢. My Dad and her sons will be with her. My mom passed 2 yrs ago brain cancer 😪. Life has been really hard these past 2 1/2 yrs. Too many family members passing away. I enjoy my family as much as possible. Everyone should, you never know when or if you will see them again.
    Thanks David for your word of Family, I try to live by it ❤️


    • Thank you for commenting Donna. Even though we lose people that does not mean that they aren’t still with us in mind, body, and spirit. Hope you have a blessed day of fulfillment and gratitude. I’m thankful for your words and ability to share. Be well.


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