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A Leap Of Faith.

Things start to break when you let people in.

Ever notice that?

It starts out small with a glass or a plate,

maybe a phone charger, then a window.

Plans with friends start to teeter.

Promises become obligations.

Without you knowing, things start to change.

Long before the heart does, the brain does.

Smiles become madness, answers become questions.

Who am I without you here?

Where do you go when I can’t follow?

Are you happier without me, or do you just need you?

I wish I didn’t have to know all this, but I do.

I do what I do and I know what I don’t.

I’m a god damn fool.

It’s optional though, when things start to break.

You don’t have to be stupid or choose to be cruel.

What you need to do is let the right ones in

and let the wrong ones know

there was never anything wrong with them at all.

It’s a leap of faith.

It’s a faith I’ve had in many,

though now I see and understand

it’s a leap within myself I need to take.

It’s the pieces I’ve kept together I need to break.

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