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A Balancing Act.


The idea of systems haunts me as of late.

How everything, big or small,

basically has a system.

Intricacies, that

develop over time,

through trial and error,

and eventually form a path.

A system.

And if properly put to work, should work, right?

Shouldn’t it?

It should, yes, you’re right…
No…It…Wait, oh who gives a shit.
What are you even talking about?

Systems. I’m talking about systems.

Big deal dummy…
Google. Facebook. MSNBC.
Rent is due and you’re stuck thinking about systems?

So to every system there must be a creator.

Like playing God.

It’s no use.
This system is flawed!
All system’s are flawed…

If all systems are flawed,

there must be a fail-safe,

duct tape,

a conscience.

And if properly put to work, should work.

Shouldn’t it?

In a perfect world yes, but this is not a perfect world.

This is not a perfect system.

For many,

this is,

a balancing act,

that in public, seems rational, adjusted,

a well oiled machine, though

further research shows,

a haunting dilemma – difficult to admit

between two parties,

whom share the same skin.

Who share the same system.

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