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Children are very important, more in tune

than our fragile adult minds are willing to admit,

because kids know what’s important

and they’ll tell you to your face,

though it’s hard to hear them

with all the nonsense man’s created

to convince the world

he ain’t so little anymore, knowing the truth

once he’s willing to truly listen.

My Nephew Collin

3 thoughts on “Children

  1. I use a wheelchair and this is what I have been trying to point out to my ‘professional colleagues’. Whereas some adults I meet will either try to ignore me or move away and deliberately avoid eye contact (because I think they just don’t know what to say and are afraid). I have never had this problem with young children who are quite prepared to approach you and either just treat you as normal (you are their height for once after all) and/or just plain ask: “Are you OK?” / “What’s wrong with you?”. A much more healthy and sensible reaction.

    A lovely photograph again by the way.

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