Real Life.

We did nothing that we said we’d do

And everything we said we wouldn’t.

Living like a road trip—

We’re so good at vacations, yet

So terrible at real life.

The last thing I told him

Some of us
have it
and some
of us just don’t.

The ability
to do
what needs to be

all the while
for a possible
weekend of fun

or a cookie cutter
that everyone’s been on.

Some of us
have it,
while others
must go out with a bang.

Reason #7 for Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail

I’ve never seen a waterfall.

Well, I have, just nothing memorable.

I’ve never walked through desert.

Well, I have, but that was a Vegas vacation.

I’ve never seen a bear.

Well, I have, but that was on Nat-Geo.

I’ve never seen you smile,
like when you’re in the wild.

And that is reason enough.