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getting out of bed

However you get up and out of bed

or off the sidewalk

however you dig yourself

out of the grave is commendable.

And if you choose nothing

that too is just as valid

as choosing something.

I see far too many people

driving themselves mad

with work and love

and money and power

and fitness and greed and guilt

trying to fit into some sort of

idea they’re bred to believe

will fix them when really it won’t.

They don’t need to be fixed

or loved or loathed or accepted.

They just need to listen.

Listen to the air.

Listen to the ice crack when hot water hits.

Listen to the sea spray.

But I know nothing really.

All I know is what I see and what I see

is beautiful and diseased and delicate

like a rose petal or a dandelion flower

plucked from the earth by a child

in the outfield of a baseball diamond

wanting nothing more than to drift away

with the seeds he’s blown to anywhere else.

However getting out of bed

or the sidewalk or gutter is the first step

and the rest well, the rest is just —

up to you I guess.

16 thoughts on “getting out of bed

  1. Thank you for this, David. Here in the UK, it seems every day is the kind we just have to get through right now – this is a timely reminder of the need to accept things as best we can, and find a way, somehow, to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Nick.

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    • Well it ain’t much different here in the States my friend but I’m glad you enjoyed it. It’s difficult to stay positive in a world of estranged positivity that’s sold like dime store comics though I like what you said, “keep putting one foot in front of the other,” and you’ll get there. Be well Nick, and Keep Up!


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