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My twin flame in the dark

Now that I have found you

My fear of letting go

Like willows that surround you

My love blows to and fro

No longer does your sorrow

Need explanations, no

I long not to disarm you

I only wish to show

What lingers in those bright eyes

Your memories I’ll share

With cherry kissed tomorrows

My true love I am here

To brighten up your morning

You brighten up my heart

The broken wick you lit now knows

My twin flame in the dark

2 thoughts on “My twin flame in the dark

  1. Beautiful poem. Absolutely beautiful.

    It reminds me of a poem I wrote called “Two Candles Melting Against”.

    We are one, while being twins, while being the same of reflection and image, when we have what we’ve been looking for. In love, it is that, the combined reflection of seeing someone’s eyes, and knowing yourself, knowing them, knowing the both.

    Good job on this one. 🙂

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