Did you know that feeling weird

suggests something supernatural or uncanny

and that feeling this way,

unsettled and mysterious to even yourself

is an extraordinary occasion for

growth and development?

Well it is, and for that, I applaud you

on this ability of estrangement

we so often take for granted, though I

take as a blessing, because you are a blessing.

Student Teacher

Billy stood as he was told

and made all the uniformed gestures

he was taught before he could ride a bike.

Then he began

“I pledge allegiance

To the flag

Of the United States of Hypocrisy…”

And so went the rest of the lines

in unison with his class.

Then before lunchtime Billy’s teacher

pulled him aside, in a motherly fashion

and asked, “is everything o.k. Billy?”

“Yes,” he told her, politely, like he so often spoke.

“Do you know what that word means?” She asked.

“What word?” Billy questioned, counting his quarters.

“Hypocrisy,” she said, warmly, meeting Billy’s eye line.

“No,” he admitted.

“Then where did you hear it?”

“I can’t remember,” he admitted further.

“Well, it means,” she began but noticing Billy’s fidgeting,

stopped herself and let him get back in line.

The next day when the class rose

and made all the uniformed gestures

they were taught before they knew what they meant

Billy’s teacher watched as he spoke the Pledge Of Allegiance

in unison with the rest of the class.

“I pledge allegiance

To the flag

Of the United States of America…”

Billy didn’t miss a beat that day and surprisingly

they served pizza for lunch,

it was his favorite.