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love is not a simple thing.

I’ve often tried

to be the guy

who stands neutral

on battle lines

like half a couple

dozen times

I’ve turncoat

on the Queen.

There’s nothing new

to tell in fact

I’ve wasted more

than my last breath

which left me quite

a while back

when I first

took my leave.

So if it’s time

to settle down

regardless of

this downturned frown

I’d rather this

than both us now

set sail

for the sea.

I gave her all

that I could give

she gave me strength

in which to live

we learned to love

the simple things

neither one

could speak.

And so the line’s

erased in sand

I held close to

her open hand

our hearts displayed

like contraband

no one but us

could see.

So with this one

last battle cry

collecting tears

from both our eyes

as King and Queen

we’re sure to die

what’s meant to be

will be.

For love is not

a simple thing

like confidence

or apathy

drawn to this loss

love often leads

in the end

we’ll find peace.

4 thoughts on “love is not a simple thing.

  1. Ah, love…

    It is the emotion that is so simple in giving, though never so simple in receiving.

    I will say this, and it may seem a bit “controversial”…

    Men lead, in love. They do. But, what they desire the most from their partner, is forgiveness. Every mistake that a man has ever made, needs to never be exploited. It needs to be forgiven. Otherwise, his mind, not his heart, becomes tormented. If any woman desires a man to be “kind” or “compassionate”, then she should care for his mind, not his heart. Otherwise, through continued exploitation of a man’s guilt, his heart becomes hardened, and his mind takes over.

    I know we don’t think this way, these days, because people are deemed as equal, enough so that we don’t see “differences” in men and women. But, there are many differences, no matter how much we deny them.

    And for my advice…

    Don’t ever “stand neutral”, as a man. This may make you cringe, but I find it to be true that a man must take a side, must point himself in a direction… otherwise, he is lost.

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