The dealer’s diamond hands you blame

Is there anything worth fighting for

or is it all in jest?

The microphone, the pleasure box

his head hangs to his chest,

his eyes are wide closed shut for now

it’s time to take his rest

but rest assure he knows that peace

only will come through death.

The world feels like a fishbowl

swimming circles go the days.

His mind is like a race car

stalled out lost within the haze

now everyone’s a martyr, noble

women walk the maze

an endless stream of consciousness

feels like a forced parade.

The cards left in the shuffle are to blame.

The Queen of Hearts is silent in this game.

If one love is the message how come

fear’s your favorite word?

Fingers sharp as daggers pointing

only to be heard

They congregate, both sides of hate

knowing not who they serve

it’s hard enough to be born human

it’s even harder premature.

The dealer’s diamond hands you blame

is why the Joker wins this game.

for those still reading.

Today I noticed I have acquired 350 followers. I wouldn’t think it so wise to follow me so let’s stick to calling everyone Readers! It’s tough enough to balance life’s daily tasks and then find time to read and write but you all have and I continue to do so myself. It’s an important thing I think to keep the mind actively working, no matter what the medium. Hope you all continue to support the arts and yourselves as individuals. Here’s to the next batch of words to come. Thank you to all those still reading, hang loose.

bits of lives

We are built up of

so many different lives.

Like thieves in the night

we steal bits without telling

those we’ve robbed.

How curious it is that those bits

would be so conveniently

left out for our taking.

How awfully clever too.

*Footnote: #101

random thoughts: we all have them, every second of everyday, so it’s no surprise when they pop up from time to time in the least and even a lot of times, expected places, like, hey, I was just thinking that, that’s my idea, or a kind of, sort of, variation of what I was thinking when doing X and Y throughout the day.

We’re very much alike even though it can feel like we’re so very different, but different in a good kind of way, a constructive way, a way that universalizes our emotions and expectations of ourselves and others around us.

I can almost guarantee you have more in common with the guy bagging your groceries, or pouring your latte than you do with fellow employees, or even some friends for that matter.

So, I’d like to propose that these rand0m th0ughts be an open platform to share, discuss, question, debate, relate, or even just to vent, with purpose of course, how full of crap menial thoughts throughout the day really are – perhaps they’re not?

Let’s decide together.

Conversation is key, and I look forward to hearing back from you readers, writers, and all around daily thinkers of rand0m th0ught.


Not one trouper builds a circus alone.

(I could go into detail about the intricacies

of setting up and breaking down a circus

but now is not the time or place for that.)

When a clown throws a pie

he doesn’t expect the trapeze artist to clean it up,

but she helps out anyway, knowing

that he believed in her, marveled at each step

while she danced on air, inhaling her courage from below.

Reason #1 for Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail

I close my laptop.
Turn off the television.
And check the time.
I will read for twenty minutes.
I don’t make it past the acknowledgements
I open my laptop.

Reason #4 for Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail

New York City
loses it’s luster
after a while.

After a while
it becomes
just another city.

Just another city
like the one
I was born.

I was born
in New Haven

is as good or bad
as any other place.

As any other place,
I had to see what else there was
and so I must go, once more.