the air of my ancestors

I fill my lungs

with the air of my ancestors

knowing my purpose

is their peace.

for those still reading.

Today I noticed I have acquired 350 followers. I wouldn’t think it so wise to follow me so let’s stick to calling everyone Readers! It’s tough enough to balance life’s daily tasks and then find time to read and write but you all have and I continue to do so myself. It’s an important thing I think to keep the mind actively working, no matter what the medium. Hope you all continue to support the arts and yourselves as individuals. Here’s to the next batch of words to come. Thank you to all those still reading, hang loose.

Nothing ever is that cut and dry.

Take me with a grain of salt

then throw me over your shoulder.

It’s the only way I know,

self taught and still figuring it out.

Just a pinch is enough though.

Nobody wants high blood pressure.

Oh, but we’re all so practiced

in the art of innocence.

I hear you when you give thanks

but that doesn’t mean I believe you.

It doesn’t mean that I don’t too.

Nothing ever is that cut and dry.

Is it?

Now, this is the part

where you throw me over your shoulder.