season of change

Never had a bad intention

I just always made some bad decisions

that usually got way out of hand

and discredited my good intent

though looking a bit harder now

I guess I was just angry and confused

and figuring it out the best I knew how

given time, place, and circumstance

I mean I was just 16 then 19 — 23 then 25

now 31 doesn’t feel so old, in fact

I feel much younger than my former self

ready to dive back into that season of change.

give em hell

You are not great

You are not special

You’re another puzzle piece,

a letter of scrabble.

But spell great without the G,

or special when missing a C,

place yourself wherever you fit

it’s for them you’ve got to be

they’ll take credit either way, so

if and when you tell

listen son, be a good girl now, when you’re all worn out

it’s best to give em hell.