the bridge to Angel Valley

I set my intention

crossed the bridge to Angel Valley

unknowing of what was to come

but fully away of what I was leaving behind

I stood grounded, cool and calm

released of all tension

as if a lifetime had come undone.

It’s there I let go

of all those old ways of being

shed that snake skin feeling

and came back from beyond the pine

into that crystalline light

of my own healing.

all the beautiful ways

She let herself go

in all the beautiful ways

she was destined to

As I sunk deeper under bedsheet

wanting nothing more than to disappear

alone in the darkness

She was painting all her daydreams

in pale blue watercolor

twirling her brush between strokes

Like I had watched her do

so many countless nights before

like the time she painted me nude

And I watched her beauty unfold

like a single blooming lotus flower

adrift on a swamp at dawn