that old hotel

Each drive cross country

I’ve laughed, I have






Lost and




So if you decide

to drive across state lines,

could you do me a solid?

Stop in Fayetteville.

See if that old hotel

is still standing,

the one I first told her I loved her,

—bedbugs and us—

before sleep took her away

and that cheap wine

nursed me tender

til morning’s

cruel light.

But how will you know

that old hotel? Well,

it’s just like all the rest now

I’m sure, remodeled to dust.

Another ghost among the many,

love’s whisper in the wind.

Reason #5 for Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail

Having smelled

a great number of motel
and hotel pools
chlorine became a staple
of my youth,
so now,
to balance the equation
like higher education
I will indulge
the scent
of natures stream.

Paul Edgar Neilson Institute of Science.

Putting himself out there always felt false.

Like a needy child begging for attention.

So he didn’t.

In fact, he never did.

But all his paperwork he filed neatly and took comfort.

Then at an old, dignified, age he died.


Like a flash in a pan.

And having no children or siblings,

and parent’s long since deceased,

his work was collected, studied, and praised.

Subsequently, a non-profit was established in his honor.

It was known as the

Paul Edgar Neilson Institute of Science.

Two weeks later Donald Trump was elected president.

Rallies were held in resistance.

The subway fare increased by a quarter.

And somewhere in Ohio, a child was born.

Oddly enough, when developed research

from the Institute was reported, twice,

sometimes three times a day, news networks

always chose the Institute’s name in full,

rather than the acronym.

While reporting rape allegations against Bill Cosby,

suicides over deportation and middle school bullying,

LGBTQ night club shootings and terrorist beheadings,

reporters, like grade school kids

just couldn’t bring themselves to say it with a straight face.

Plus, having to rectify the situation, each time

assuring there was no pun intended got tiresome.

Then much later, unannounced to the public, they knocked down the Institute.


The reason being American’s no longer needed Science.

And in it’s place, built a grand hotel decorated in gold –

another Trump Tower.