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An open question for the one’s still reading.

What is it that makes you Tik? And I’ll tell you what makes me Tok.

(But for real! What makes you get up in the morning, drives you through the day, and helps guide you to sleep?)

I’m curious to know more about you.

I’m all ears…

10 thoughts on “An open question for the one’s still reading.

  1. My mom is a cancer survivor and seeing her tackle the day just like she used to, before cancer, is what helps me get up and go.

    I like listening to the sound of rain so when my insomnia kicks in, I go to YouTube and listen to this 30 min or so video of the sound of rain

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    • Thank you for your words. My mom too, is a cancer survivor—strongest person I know. I agree, being with her through her treatments and seeing how far she has come now is more than enough inspiration to tackle the day, though some days may be slower than others, just gotta keep going with the flow with a positive mindset! Funny you mention rain sounds, I tell Alexa to either play city sounds or rainforest sounds in the middle of the night…Best to you!

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  2. Every day I strive to be better to love myself more and more so in turn I can be of service to others. I get up to spread love, light and inspire those around me. To help them realize that they are powerful and loved and supported.

    I get up to love more and more in every way , everyday. To be a way shower , a torch bearer a light worker to those who feel stuck in the shadows. I get up to see the glimmer of appreciation, hope, love and abundance in their eyes.

    It makes all of this worth it, life is a gift that makes me tick and my service is my tok!

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  3. Well, I wake up thinking about art, I make art all day, then I dream about making art all night! I’m kind of obsessed. But, I also love music, animals, hiking, and being outdoors, and my husband is good at humoring me, so I am blessed!

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  4. Becoming conscious, having this one life, I think I owe it to live it as best I can. Doing what I love – writing – drives me during the day, and giving it my all hopefully exhausts me so I sleep well. That’s my motivation and what makes me get up in the morning. 🙂

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