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this one.

You can’t win

because it’s life

and there’s

nothing to win

just death

and then

whatever it is

you believe

will happen next.

For me I’ll be


to live

another life.

I just hope it’s

as strange

and weird

and cruel

and wonderfully

disastrous as

this one.

Maybe one

with less love

and more

true love.

Maybe not.

2 thoughts on “this one.

  1. True love ties one down. So no love for me next time, so I am free to whatever free people do (i wouldn’t know until I am free, right!) 😁


  2. Reincarnation is a lovely thought, but not one I share. Instead, I believe that my existence will live on (for a short while) in those whose lives I have briefly intersected and then I’d like to be interred beside/amongst trees – whose lifespan is much longer than ours and which make a positive impact – rather than the dubious human existence.

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