walking the corner of my eye

If that’s not you

walking the corner of my eye

then who? I wonder,

who’s shadow unwinds?

Overhead like a compass,

creation of time. Time

and again, like time were a crime.

Wasted. Lost. Forgotten. Blind.

Memories fade, they never die.

So if that flutter of feather is you,

alright that’s fine. It’s much ado.

So when they ask you calmly why

won’t you share yourself with I?

I have and will, see I am I

unanswered we are now defined.

two sparrow

This morning, a sparrow

gnaws at my ear, his absence

is all that I see, while sunlight

casts shadows on tree limbs

I hear, nothing but sparrow clearly

while stillness, and calm

fly all through the air, impressions

a Renoir scene, two sparrow

take wing, like dancers I hear

them tip toe paint gracefully.